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Monthly Archives: January 2007

beauty and the geek revelation #37

Oh, Nate and Jennylee. Even in a population of 16, of which there are 8 men (all of average or below average sex appeal) and 8 women (all of above average to high sex appeal), the coolest guy and the best looking girl are inexplicably attracted to each other. I guess the reason girls tell [...]

persecuting another quality individual

Why must Joe Francis be singled out and persecuted?! If they want to make an example of an exploitative misogynist, I have a couple of ex-boyfriends who are looking to pick up trash by the freeway. It’s funny because it hurts; or because it’s true. I forget which. (link courtesy of yosefblog)

unmotivated to post

It’s not like I have a lacking of fodder: My recent viewing of “Jesus Camp”, my newly opened improv show, Dina’s week long illness. Maybe it’s just the finals week blues, but I just don’t feel like saying anything (except that I wore my Citizens to school for the first time today and got “mad [...]

oh beauty and the geek, why do i love thee?

I know, I know. It’s no more mindless than “The Real Wives of the O.C.” or “Armed and Famous”, but there’s something so fascinating about the social dynamics that I can’t stop watching. It’s like merging The University of Chicago’s Society for Creative Anacronism with the Ohio State cheerleading squad. I am also fascinated (but [...]

brand deprogramming

Bassie: Mommy, is that a commercial? Me: (looking at the television) Yes, it is. Bassie: Oh, ok. (pause) I want to buy that. Me: What? Bassie: Get it? Because it’s a *commercial*. The child has seen the Matrix.

darth vader scares me

Why, oh why, do I get physically nauseated seeing young Anakin succumb to the Dark Side? I think it’s the same as the fear I have of drug addiction: losing one’s senses and falling under the power of an external and negative influence one is quite nearly powerless to resist. While this may trace back [...]

day in the field

As we left the Field Museum today, I asked the girls to name one thing they learned: Bassie: That if two different animals have a baby together , then their baby can’t have babies. Like a butterfly and a mouse would have a buttermouse, but it couldn’t have a baby. (I set her straight on [...]

happy 2007

This year has seen many important events in the Klein household. A brief recap: * Bassie learned to add negative numbers. * Dina realized that it’s her life’s vocation to be a prima ballerina. * Yosef started on the path to soul-sucking riches. * Rachel began and completed her course of study at Chicago’s historical [...]