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Monthly Archives: December 2006

AF realization

what I learned after coming home from a five day vacation: being married with two children takes the time, energy, and emotional output equivalent of seriously dating three people at the same time. The second we got home, I put the kids to bed, and all I kept hearing were things like “you already laid [...]

quote of the week

(overheard at Walgreens): I mean, I hate Mel Gibson and I think all anit-Semites should be shot, but I’ll probably see “Apocalypto” anyway.

goin’ back to cali

Here I am, in rainy, cold CA. Yeah, well I’m not here for the weather. Some highlights so far: * Seeing Lee’s office at the USGS. Free maps for wrapping paper are available now in the map sales room… * Stanford Mall. At first I thought “It’s just like Old Orchard”. But, no, Jazmin was [...]

drunk blogging= better than drunk dialing

At the request of friends who, upon hearing several fascinating offspring stories tonight have asked me to write them down before my head hits the pillow, here is my favorite for the week: 1) Monday night, we were early for a dinner date with my parents. With a half and hour to kill and a [...]

Die Spam, Die

In an attempt to stop spam, I have added mandatory CAPTCHAs to the comment form. Any problems let me know. Enjoy.

happy anniversary, AF and yosefblog!

Yes, it’s been 7 years! All well-wishes and teasing are welcome. Any jokes about itching, scratching, or Marilyn Monroe, however funny you “think” they are, are not. I would expect more creativity from an AF-er. Well, we’re off to celebrate making it past “starter marriage” status! In your face Steven Gore (with whom I went [...]

happy hannukah!


actor’s nightmare?

Would you say it’s strange to have an actor’s nightmare after a playi s over, instead of during the run? Well, I had one last night, about “The Sound of Music”, which I just finished performing last week. So It’s 7:30, and I don’r have my make-up on, so they start the show without me. [...]

Little Children = liked it, but related to it less than i thought i should

I mean, the general tropes sound familiar enough: woman leaves promising career as an academic (in English, no less) to become a young, suburban mother; gets restless; acts on her restlessness; realizes its all folly and vanity and recommits to the life she has chosen. And this is not to say I wasn’t touched and [...]

not now honey, mommy’s blogging