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Monthly Archives: November 2006

there is nothing i can say…

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aces high!

When Matt and Jazmin come to town, the darnest things happen, like Bassie learning to play poker. When she woke up this morning we discussed the night’s events: Me: So were you up really late playing poker? Bassie: (groggily) Not so late. Me: I heard Matt beat your Straight with a Flush. Bassie: Yeah, but [...]

phrases that automatically sound cute the first time your child says them:

“Get outta town!” I swear they save them up and use them when they know they can get maximum “aww!” effect.

stephen col-hottie!


citizens of flattery

I have known something for a while now: you get what you pay for. That $30 curl defining fluid I got works better than L’oreal. Yosef’s fancy business school suits look nicer and drape better than the Brooks Brothers staple he had before. And designer jeans really are cut to flatter. Now, I will add [...]

The Girls Next Door = Fodder for the Amateur Anthropologist

I say! Good recommendation, Marissa, old chap! What fun it is to watch Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends unleash their sexual dysfunction and good-heartedness on America. Some noteworthy tidbits: * Who would think that a young woman who has been dating Hugh Hefner for five years would have had a crush on Dr. Drew of Love [...]

how soon they learn

Elie is Dina’s best friend at pre-school. The teachers like to say he is her boyfriend, which I don’t think is necessarily off, considering the fact that Dina tells me how they play prince and princess all the time. Of course, it’s innocent enough, like my relationship with Benji Unger until his dad said something [...]