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Monthly Archives: October 2006

comfortably numb

I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I am becoming desensitized to people telling me they are “in love with” my daughters. Not “love,” mind you, “in love”. The security guard at at school, the soccer coach, pre-school teachers (they actually use the phrase “have a crush on”). It’s fascinating to me that [...]

Live, Free!

Triumph! She cannot be supressed!


This article very succienctly states what anyone who teaches at a high school, has a teenage daughter, or eagerly (and subconciously) anticipates adolescent trick-or-treaters, knows: “It’s a night when even a nice girl can dress like a dominatrix and still hold her head up the next morning.” Depending on what she ends up doing in [...]

the end of an error

Well, it was only a matter of time. The results aren’t in yet on whether or not this was my fifteen minutes. I think I would submit this to Colbert as an example of WIkiality.

dove = still on the crusade

Can’t they just accept that we want to believe that beautiful women have abnoramlly large alien eyes and skin tone reminiscient of the glow that follows a nuclear explosion? No, those people at Dove are out to prove to us that, with a little photoshop (product placement), we can all look freakily inhuman.

what a set up

Dina: It’s not snowing. Me; No, not yet. Dina: We could make it snow. Me: How? Dina: With our magic wand. Me: Okay, make it snow. Dina: (laughing) I don’t have a magic wand! Right! How foolish of me…


Yesterday, as we were walking home from Yom Kippur services, Dina heard thunder. “I was sad because you got killed!” she smiled. Me: When did I get killed? Dina: The thunder killed you and you got dead. Me: Was this in a dream you had? Dina: (excited and smiling still) Yeah, in my dream. And [...]