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Monthly Archives: September 2006

skinny jeans = eating disorder catalyst

I mean, we all know that, right? But to just put it right there in the name. Not “slender” jeans or “low BMI” jeans. “Skinny” jeans. And by the way, it’s also a hint: do not wear these unless you are skinny. It’s knd of the same rule as the “super low rise”. Don’t wear [...]

it’s bassie’s birthday!

Call to wish her a happy 5th. She says I no longer have to walk her up to the door when I drop her off at school. To everything, turn, turn, turn…

spam spam spam spam…

What’s with the comment spam? Where’s my webmaster? And how can I fit my big boobs into my panty hose? Great site! Keep it up!

fear of flying (bugs)

Any suggestions for how to get Bassie over her fear of all flying bugs? And I mean all: bees (understandable), flies (pushing it), knats (she doesn’t even know about the silent “k” yet, how can she fear it?) All suggestions should be accompanied by a diagnosis of the root cause for which this is a [...]

it’s all about me; even Nathaniel Hawthorne

To illustrate a point on the power of guilt and embarassment to keep one from being honest while discussing “Roger Malvin’s Burial”, I told my students about the time that I was at the dentist and he asked me “how often do you brush your teeth?” Thinking he was being hypothetical, and wanted to ansewr [...]

mary poppins = feminist propaganda?

Suddenly, It struck me! The only functional caretaker is the only who can leave whenever the wind changes. The mother, bound not only by political inequality and gender conventions, but by hyper-corrective feminist aspirations, can neither fulfill herself nor her family. Only Mary Poppins, the beautiful (according to Walt Disney; P.L. Travers always thought Julie [...]