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Monthly Archives: July 2006

they just keep being funny/awesome

Dina- we’re all sitting on the couch at my mother’s reading a book called Foolish Goose; it’s one of those early readers with a lot of repetition and such. Then I ask “Who wants to go to Curves?” and Dina says (include everything in double quotes): “‘I want to go to Curves,’ said Dina”. Pretty [...]

careful what you say around her

Last week in Seattle, it seems that Uncle Matt and his friend Rob were trying to fill my child’s head with frivolous information and pop culture references. How do I know? Well, there was no hint of the “imprinting” they had attempted at first; it lay, dormant and undetectable, until last night on our way [...]

my apologies to avid afers

It seems that the computer that was acting as our server was forced to accept an “early retirement package”. Sorry for the lapse…we’re back, and for those of you who were willing to wait out your frustration, you shall now be amply rewarded. In the past few weeks, I have: * officiated my first wedding [...]

walmart = worse than home depot

I hate them both, but at least I can aknowledge that there could be perfectly reasonable human beings, who, possessing a certain “handiness” that I lack, might find a good deal of the merchandise at Home Depot that could be very useful to them, and rather aesthetically pleasing once installed, built, etc. Walmart, on the [...]

Customer is Right?

What ever happened to the idea that the customer is ALWAYS right? Honestly, over the past two days I have noticed a lack of concern for my consumer money.

to dream the impossible dream

I ran into an old aquaintance from high school today. She’s two years older than me, and has two children (a bit younger than Bassie and Dina). “What are you doing?” I ask. “I’ve got the two kids…being a stay-at-home mom…and I live in Deerfield!” The varied and conflicting emotions that fill me at this [...]