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Monthly Archives: June 2006

fear and loathing in skokie

Only hours after promising Yosef that I would find a rental comparable to our current apartment in quality and price with an Aug. 1st move-in date, we’re in Skokie trying to maintain saccharian smiles that hide our deep-seated distaste for townhomes with partially finished basements and no formal eating area. Actually, it seems to me [...]

piaget would think this was funny

Bassie: Daddy! Come here! Yosef: One second. (He goes into our room, then immediately comes out and approaches Bassie). Bassie: That really was one second! I thought when people said “one second” they meant “one figuratively second”! I’m glad to know that she is no longer simply performing the precocious pony show that we taught [...]

“Cars”= Haven’t I seen this before? But with, like, people?

Replace all instances of “doctor” and “plastic surgeon” with “race car”. Oh, and replace all shots of a squirrely and charming mid-career Michael J. Fox with some sweet CG animation. Done. And if you don’t believe me, just look at the AT&T advertisement below the plot summary. Look out! It’s a “liminal message”! (That wiki [...]

another milestone down

the girls on the last day of their first year of school: Several kids I know (my niece and my step-cousin for two) had “pre-school graduations”. In fact, Bassie believed that she was, in fact, graduating from pre-school. If everyone’s having graduations whenever they damn-well please, though, then I demand a graduation party for finishing [...]

that’s how I roll

Well, it’s almost 11 PM and I am still going strong, although I think I need another snack, a piece of fruit perhaps. This is precisely how I got my current job…after a nice little “sit-down” with the hubby during which we decide that something specific has to change (e.g. “It’s time for Rachel to [...]

she’s got this whole parenting thing all figured out

I know it’s been a while, but this one is good, so hopefully it makes up for the absence: Bassie: (Blah blah blah narrating something about some crazy concoction she’s making in her toy kitchen, I’m spaced out until she says…) Get it? Me: Yes. (I’m sure I would have if I had been listening) [...]