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Monthly Archives: April 2006

feminism usurped

This is what happens when the men get their hands on the whole “women have just as much a right to their sexuality as men” concept that was the gift of First Wave Feminism. Does tihs girl realize that she’s advertising herself as a glorified whore? “It’s totally cool to burp. I wish I knew [...]

didn’t dovid and jono already do this sketch?

Another of my infamous “previews”, but with Jeremy Piven in a starring role, how can it be anything short of pissing-in-your-underwear funny? And if you haven’t seen “Entourage” yet, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Netflix homepage. Piven is a comic genius! “You wanna hug it out?” With you, Jeremy, any day!

buying their love…and pants

I was browsing ebay for some used size 4T summer clothes for the girls when I ran across this item. Note the description of item #12. Now, either this family’s last name is “dads”, or there’s just one more divorced couple out there being so petty as to label their toddler’s clothing in order to [...]

yeah, thanks, I know…

Bassie: Mommy, you’re a little bit fat. Me: What?! Bassie: Look at your tummy. Me: Oh, yeah, that. That’s what happens to Mommy every month when her body thinks Mommy might have a baby. Then it goes away. Bassie: That’s funny. Yeah, just wait until you’re five pounds bloated for two weeks every month, and [...]

kill bill vol. 2 = a lovely must see for all expectant young mothers

Ah, so in the second one is where all of the philosophical musings on motherhood come out. It’s a great premise to use a trained killer as an example of how a woman’s priorities change once she is a mother. For most of us, the stakes may not be quite that high, but you might [...]


The thought of Welsh Mormons was one part confusing and two parts scary…until this amazing display of knitting prowess.

found poetry from the mouths of babes

“Remember: you’ll never think of anything sweeter than a table.” -Bassie

passover cleaning clarification

Bassie: the house isn’t clean. Dina: Yes, it is. Bassie: No, it’s not. Dina: Yes it is clean. Bassie: Stop saying that. The kitchen isn’t clean. Dina: Yeah, the house is clean, just not the kitchen. Bassie: But that means that the house isn’t clean. Dina: Yes: the kitchen is dirty; the rest of the [...]

kill bill vol.1= so very little quippy dialogue makes af happy!

Thanks to a brother in film school, I was on the Tarantino bandwagon early, and I mean real early; “True Romance” early; “Resevoir Dogs” early. By the time Pulp Fiction came out, I was already over him. Yes, yes, Quentin, we know you can combine urban, gritty, violence with charmingly pedestrian and well-paced dialogue. Very [...]

happy 3rd birthday, dina!

I am going to eat those cheeks for breakfast!