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Monthly Archives: February 2006

I’m a naughty girl

…and not for the reasons that people who might find this post based on a google search for “naghty” would think. No, my dirty little secret is that I went out last night; that’s right, a school night. In fact, my evening ended up being a feminist field trip of sorts. First, it was off [...]

“the girl next door”= the john hughes genre for the 21st century

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. The first five minutes were “Fast Times and Ridgemont High”, then it turned into “Say Anything”, until it finally became a 21st century take on “Risky Business”. If I just told you that it turns out that our protagonist starts dating the superhot girl housesitting next door, [...]

i’ll take that as a compliment

After complaining about apain in her ear for a couple days, I took Dina to the doctor. Turns out she had a bunch of earwax stuck way in her ear; the doctor performed the very complicated surgical procedure of squirting water in her ear to dislodge the wax. Throughout the half hour or so we [...]

another item on the list of things they don’t tell you about having a baby

Last night, a married male friend of mine was shocked to discover that it is true that women are known to sometimes “go number two” while in labor. And although he responded that “it makes perfect sense now that you say it”, he also requested that I document this fact on my blog, lest others [...]

four eyes

Bassie and I went to the eye doctor today. As usual, my prescription had changed almost imperceptibly, and I resisted the temptation to weaken my eyes further by giving them what they wanted. Bassie, however, needs reading glasses. A mix of happiness (“my little girl is going up”) and guilt (“what did I do to [...]

from the country that gave us benny hill

I used to think I was just too young to understand how old men chasing other old men dressed in drag was funny. Now I realize that I’m just too American. I’ve been loving the original BBC “The Office”, but I sense that there is a culture gap that doesn’t cross the pond. Their notions [...]

Modern Feminism

Feminists do not have to be against beauty. Feminists are for political, social, and economic equality for women. Let’s consider how this all works out.

don’t worry people

Just as when Eats started posting, and I got frightened outcries from avid accidentalfeminists asking, “Why are you encouraging people to cheat on their husbands with other women?”, Beautry Queen has sparked controversy as well. “Why are you talking about fashion, AF? Why do you look like Kelly LeBroc?” Look, the AF is comfortable enough [...]

you what the sandbox?

I figured it was time the kids learned this one. I went for Dina first, figuring that she would be the more vulnerbale of the two. I helped her through the joke, when we got to “I 8 the sandbox!” I looked at her and laughed: Me: You 8 the sandbox?!?!? She didn’t miss a [...]

Trend Watching

There are some questions for which there can never be a satisfying answer – the one that plagues me the most is this: If a trend was unflattering the first time, why repeat it? Honestly, skinny jeans that taper at the ankle only exaggerate the size of a woman’s hips and tush. My eternal quest [...]