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Monthly Archives: January 2006

“a jury of her peers” = women who don’t clean their house are probably murderers

I just finished reading this short story by Susan Glaspell. Very potent. Funny story: I’m reading it thinking “This would make a great play. I can imagine the staging so clearly…maybe I should adapt it.” So I walk into the office feeling very artsy and clever this morning, when I see Chris reading the story [...]

Guilt 101

I had called Yosef and the kids in the middle of a particularly long work day. I was between a meeting and a evening club that I sponsor at school, and I wanted the kids to hear my voice. Dina got on first. Dina: Where are you Mommy? Me: I’m at school. Dina: I need [...]

server upgrade

i just did a server upgrade. if you notice that anything’s broken, please let me know at thankoo.

Women! Treacherous snakes!

I just watched a rockin’ episode of 24: Season 2. I think it was 5 PM- 6 PM. It was full of twists and excitement. One thing struck me, though (and this may be considered a chris’ spoiler, so sorry): Marie turns out to be a covert terrorist, Palmer’s ex-wife is plotting to overthrow him, [...]

Got (knitting) game?

With so much talk about gender politics (and game) dominating the accidental feminist for the past few months (and my continued inability to figure out how to comment), I decided to look at the topic through the phenomenon of knitting. Though it may be particular to sassy women (OK, and gay/emo men) in American culture, [...]

Back from where?

Hi Spike, thanks for the shout out in your comment. Accidental Feminist ha sbeen doign an amazing job – and there could never be too many of her smiling faces on the site. There are a couple of points worth noting, stretching from the beginning of the month to now.

This is getting creepy…

There are too many pictures of my face on this blog. See! There’s another one! Webmaster, please help!

feminist fun fact #4

I stand corrected. I have just learned that there really are women who will refuse to give birth without being bribed with gifts (the corellary to which seems to be that they also will refuse to concieve before they can verify that a gift will be forthcoming upon said birthing).

Bassie learns the art of flattery

Said while she was watching her Aunt Elisa color in a rainbow they had drawn together: “In my whole life I never knew that a rainbow could be so beautiful.” Bassie Klein for President in 2046.

My travels through the alphabet

Well, it’s official. After being a slightly overweight teen, going through two pregnancies, two years of nursing, and the subsequent suspension of said nursing, I had been through almost the entire alphabet of bra sizes. And yes, when I finally got up the courage to have myself offically sized at GAP Body today, the saleswoman [...]