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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Speed game

Spent an evening attending several in-hours and after-hours hotspots. Since I had already expressed my PUA status to some friends, I was under the gun.

chris’s spoilers

24, Season One, Everything but the last two episodes (this means that if you have been painstakingly carving out an hour here and an hour there to get through the DVDs and are holding at 9-10 PM, this spoiler will totally blow any hope you had of reaching a fulfilling climax to the season. And [...]

blah blah blah…

Today I was in the car coming home from Trader Joe’s and talking to Yosef on the “celly”. I was telling him an anecdote about my lunch date with a friend, and was being very expressive: Me: So we said how people can have destructive habits, but that they have the power to break those [...]


Check this out. Yosef says it explains why it’s so easy to pick up chicks at Great America (not that he would know).

Say the letters

This is a hometown edition of Got Game? For those of you following, I have been loathe to officially call myself a PUA (you know). Today/tonight/this morning, I am a PUA. Stats are climbing like you would not believe. I am predicting New Year’s eve dual induction. You know what that means.

is this irony?

Okay, take a close look at this hopscotch game here (you could do the “zoom/additional view feature if you need to…). I’ve accepted the sad reality that the “Disney Princess” merchandise has been highly sexualized, even beyond that of the actual films, but this is ridiculous! Look at Mulan! Look at her! The whole point [...]

demerol makes me puke

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of having tubes shoved into my major orafices. Ironically, the “endoscopy” is the one that goes down your throat, while the aptly names “colonoscopy” goes “in the out door”. All of the nurses and my doctor commended me for getting them both done at one sitting. Yeah, well, it’s [...]

I am doing something wrong…

A recalibration is necessary, I am not attracting the kind of woman that is worth being in a relationship with. The whole point of this experience was to gain a confidence to meet women that would normally have been inaccessible. Unfortunately, 80% of these women are crazy deceptive. To me this means I am doing [...]

doesn’t anyone listen to “free to be you and me” anymore?

Bassie and Dina went to a friend’s birthday party today. It was very cute. A dance instructor led them through a little “Cinderella” dramatization. But why did I cringe when she suggested that all the girls imagine they were beautiful princesses in pretty dresses, and the boys imagine they were princes in regal, princely, robes? [...]

hi, men!

I wish I would have had this when I fell on the balance beam! I think the real problem is that girls are more athletic and active today than they were a century ago, thus leading to an increased risk of non-sexual hymen-disturbance (that’s a medical term). What a rip off for all those guys [...]