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Monthly Archives: October 2005

feminist fun fact #2

Not all women are flattered when you refer to them as a “chick,” even if you put a nice adjective in front of it, like “cool” or, conversely, “hot.”


Harold Ramis spoke at our schools literary festival today. I was hoping he would sniff out my genius as a writer and ask me to co-write a screen play with him, but instead I had to settle for the minor victory of him calling me “smart” because I was the only person in the room [...]

game on!

In truth, this isn’t a review; it’s a preview. But I was so excited by the existence of this book that I wanted to get it on the accidentalfeminist map right away. The freaky thing is that this stuff seems to actually work. I’m going to read it to find out why I have always [...]

feminist fun fact #1

And now for a new feature aimed at providing men a sneak peek into the female mind… feminist fun fact #1: Women do not think that “Deliverance” is the scariest movie ever made.

Ring, Ring….

Wait a sec…let me get my cell. You see, it is protected by this very fashionable cell phone holder (graciously modeled by my own dear mother)!

this season, get ready to believe again

Wanna feel like you did in Jr. High when you first heard “They Might Be Giants”? Every single song I have listened to thus far has been awesome, but the “Baby Got Back” cover made me pee my pants a little. The philisophical question this discovery poses is the following: Are these songs proof that [...]

birthday girl

Remember how I said I was the kid who would set out all of the tableware for her birthday party the night before, then freak out for 24 hours, fearing that someone might ruin my set-up? While I have never told this story to Bassie, the behavior seems to have seeped into her DNA somehow. [...]

clap if you believe in the knitting blog!

Everybody! Clap! Louder! Look, look, her light is getting brighter. Keep clapping. Yes! It’s working! Hooray! Tink’s all better! Thank you, thank you.

Breaking News: New York Times Alienates Neo-Cons

I mean, I worked for the company for four years, and by PC policy had to refer to blacks as “African Americans” (much to the dismay of my co-lesson plan writer, whose Haitian girlfriend felt very alienated by the title, but I digress). But any headline that starts with “Liberal Hopes Ebb” is just not [...]

why does everyone keep stealing my book ideas?

I’m such a completely unique and consummate genius, I just can’t figure out why people are always writing thoughtfully and intelligently about ideas over which clearly only I have mastery. It’s like they stole that part of my brain and used it for their own dastardly purposes. They should at least have to pay me [...]