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Monthly Archives: September 2005

like I’m supposed to know…

The school I work at has recently had the great fortune of having a wealthy and altruistic donor provide us with educationally valuable ancient artifacts, fossils, and other fun stuff. Today, after the staff meeting, we were invited to peruse the collection. It was pretty thrilling. I’m not usually allowed to handle cross-sections of millions [...]

evita= man that antonio banderas can sing!

It’s a lot like my pleasant surprise with Richard Gere’s performance in “Chicago.” You think of an actor one way (read: dull and talentless, trying to cash in on undeniable or questionable good looks), only to find out that you should be thinking of him wholly differently (read: not an actor with any depth at [...]

must have been bassie!

In preparation for Rosh Hashana, Bassie’s Pre-School class had been talking about apples. When Yosef went to pick her up the other day, he saw a bulletin board outside the room with a list of all of the things the kids knew about apples. “They’re round” one said. Thanks, Sherlock! “They have stickers on them,” [...]

eternal vertigo of the blood brain barrier

So it’s been about two weeks now that I have had this feeling of moderate vertigo. It basically feels like I’m drunk, but not any of the good parts. My head’s in a fog, but not enough to say silly things and get away with it; I feel like I’m floating when I walk, but [...]

muma dena

Congrats to the happy couple! I’ll refrain from waxing gender-issues about marriage, weddings, etc., and simply offer you a repeat of the brocha I gave Dena right before Dovid came to turn down her veil: You should be as happy in your marriage as I am in mine. And I’ll add now, that how you [...]

“crash” course in Indian culture

Below is the list of interesting cultural tidbits I learned while flying Air India (keeping in mind that my analysis is limited, nay, stifled, by my complete ignorance of Indian culture at-large, and is completely dependent on the conclusions to which I have jumped after less than 13 hours exposure…): 1) Indians, like Eastern European [...]

the kids without packpacks on the first day of school

You know who I’m talking about. They’re the same kids whose parent is always at least ten minutes late picking them up every day. The same kids who forget to turn in the permission slip for the special lunch day and have to eat tuna salad while everyone else gets pizza and soda. The kids [...]

my children no longer need me

“No, Mommy, I’ll serve myself, I want to decide how much corn I get.” “But, Bassie, Mommy wants to do it.” “I can do it myself.” “But, honey, Mommy is the grown-up.” “But I know how much corn I want.” “Look, just let Mommy momentarily squeltch the feelings of guilt and neglect that have arisen [...]

today’s shopping stream-of-conciousness

hey i don’t have work today. I should go shopping. I’ve really wanted a velvet blazer ever since I read about them in the wall street journal. maybe my mom with go with me; that would be easier with the kids. okay here we are. jcrew first. don’t back down on the velvet blazer. focus. [...]

love potion number mine

As the second in an ongoing series on the gender images that shaped my childhood, I’m reminded of one of my strange fascinations growing up, and I may finally have an insight as to why the concept bewitched me so. You’re all familiar with it: the evil queen with the magic spell that makes any [...]