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Monthly Archives: August 2005

murderball= reminds me of that night court episode…

You know, the one with the mean blind lady who everyone tries to reach out to until they find out that she was always cantankerous, and going blind had nothing to do with it. In fact, it’s uplifting, in a way, to see that these quadrapeligic men don’t change when they lose their legs; the [...]

wonder woman and smurfette

I was musing today about the gender identity models that shaped my early childhood, and came up with these two formidable females, both of whom were seminal to my formation of my own sense of what it meant to be a woman. Specificially, a woman must: 1) save the world with her gold bracelets while [...]

you’ve come a long way, baby?

Sexy kitchen aprons? According to some (The Wall Street Journal), an attempt to cash in on an affluent market where the women cook once a month as a novelty, and want to look cute doing it. According to others (indignant left-wing feminists with short hair), a feeble subterfuge created by men to lure women back [...]

I reached the end of the rainbow, and it was North Halsted

My husband and I were driving around aimlessly for our night out this evening, when we stumbled upon a couple blocks which I haven’t visited for a while. You know what I’m talking about. I remember when they erected (pardon the pun) those rainbow beacons along Broadway and I just thought, “Don’t those just scream [...]

burka beauties

I was just informed by a reliable source that, under their modest and, some would add, symbolic of opression, burka, many Muslim women wear incredibly fashionable clothing, impeccable make-up, and salon-perfect hair styles. According to this source, who saw such women with and without said burka, the rules of modesty that require them to wear [...]

Hang Ten!

I just came back from a family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells, and by far my favorite attraction was the FlowRider (TM) at the Kalahari Resort (TM). First of all, I’d like to note that I totally rocked that thing. I mean, I may not have actually gotten on my feet, but I’m sure I [...]

For the love of fluffy…

Let us take a step back on this knitting adventure to examine the motivation behind our stichin’. Personally, I believe that knitting is all about love (conceptually). Whether it takes the form of love for thy self or love for others, you are spending your hard pressed time and hard earned cash to make a [...]