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Monthly Archives: July 2005

the wedding crashers=yeah, it’s really that funny

I had heard so many good things about how funny this movie was, I was sure I’d be disappointed. But it really was laugh-out-loud, cover-your-mouth, spit-out-your-soda funny. That said, the script was pretty mediocre, and even the premise wasn’t great, but the chemistry and personality made up for any shortcomings. I even found my usual [...]

a lesson before dying=instant classic/high school curriculum material

Much like the movie “Hero”, this book is about a guy who goes to college (or calligraphy school), and becomes an agnostic liberal. Of course, that’s where the tenuous similarities end, as the hero ends up sacrificing his life for the peace of China, while the teacher in the book brings a radio and a [...]

lives of quiet desparation

I’m waiting in line at Target and the guy in front of me is buying this hand-held poker video game. So the cashier says a small talky “Gonna play some poker?” and the elderly man says, “Yeah, when you’re watching tv and you’re waiting for something good to come on…” Yeah, uh-huh. That’s so sad, [...]

abercrombie=look honey, no hands!

I’ve had this theory for some time about the length of the sleeves on Abercrombie and Fitch women’s clothing, particularly in light of the fact that it’s common knowledge that abercrombie clothes are made to make you look appealing to the opposite sex (look, even their children’s line advocates playful co-ed romping). So here’s my [...]

Choose your weapon

When I first started knitting, I used metal needles by Susan Bates. I bought them around the time that an American icon, Woolworth’s, was going out of business. Everything in the “crafts” section of the Hyde Park store was on sale, including the acrylic yarn, horrible 80’s sweater patterns and useless how-to books. I just [...]

looks like today’s going to be hot and sultry

Hey, the Weather Channel may serve a practical purpose, but it is cable. I don’t know. Call me sexist or backward, but I don’t quite see why the Weather Channel (or Abercrombie and Fitch) shouldn’t be allowed to hire good looking people to promote their product. I mean, if you can’t fit into those clothes, [...]

Now that you mention it…

So I went back to Elizabeth Arden (the good one, not the “mullet” one) to get my hair dyed blue for free at the coloring class. It’s actually more subtle than it sounds, although it did give Bassie the idea that she’d like to have green hair someday. Kids! Anyway, I was instructing the colorist [...]

Dove update

Well, it looks like the people at Dove are certainly getting attention from local media outlets. (Thanks for the heads up, Yosef). Here’s some of my own results of a very scientific survey of my friends and family: “This is exactly what they wanted. We’re talking about it, right?” “This is kind of like how [...]

“amen” to that!

Today I took my brother to Marshall Fields to add some items to his wedding registry. As we were leaving, we stopped at my favorite counter, “Philosophy”. Where else can you get cafe au lait shampoo and body wash in one? Whatever, I don’t care where else you can get it, that’s not the point. [...]

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants= Haven’t Resented Crying So Much Since “My Girl”

As Georgie said, maybe it was cathartic. No, on second thought, it was just manipulative. One girl befriends a twelve year old with leukemia, another finally confronts the pain of her mother’s suicide, a third finds her inner beauty with the help of a hunk with a can’t-quite-place-my-finger-on-it unattractiveness, and, for the occular dehydration zinger, [...]